About Hemet Community Medical Group

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Care. Coordination. Competence. Commitment.

Our network of family doctors and specialists have been dedicated to the care of people like you in our valley for over 23 years.  Your health and wellness has been our priority all these years.  We have created relationships within our community that, combined with state of the art diagnostic tools and secure patient tools, are used to coordinate exceptional care. We believe in our community.  We believe in excellent care.  Hemet Community Medical Group offers a wealth of competent caregivers who are committed to your health.  Together, we build health.

What We Offer to Our Members

  • Largest Network of Specialists
  • Largest Number of Senior Resources
  • Largest Network of Providers Connected by Cell Phones, with an Integrated Phone List
  • Multiple Convenient Urgent Cares that are open 7 days a week
  • Dedicated Health Care for You and Your Family 24/7
  • Working with the following Health Plans: Aetna, Alignment Health Plan, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Brand New Day, Cigna,  HealthNet, Humana, InterValley, SCAN, and United